Nurturing Nature with Less Water

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Using drinking water on your yard?

Learn how you can conserve water and keep your yard healthy.

Nurture Nature

Make every day Earth Day.

Water Conservation starts with soil.

Are you Water Wise?

How much water is necessary to sustain your lawn and garden? Let’s explore how you can make every drop count.

Some Simple Steps

Native Plants

Every plant has a right spot. Find out what plants are right for you.

List of Native Plants

At the root of it all

Did you know that there as many living organisms in a teaspoon of healthy soil as there are people on earth? How healthy is your soil?

Dig a little deeper
  • Support the garden

    The garden wouldn’t be possible without the support of our community. You can make a donation here and it will be used to educate others about water conservation.


    Get Involved

    Looking for a dirty job? Want to help save the planet? We’re looking for volunteers to help spread our water conservation message and have fun doing it.

    Learn More

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Small community water garden receives big accolades

This spring, make your yard beautiful and healthy without working as hard as you did last year.

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Nurturing Nature with Less Water

By using sustainable water conservation and recycling practices, the CypressWood Water Conservation Garden provides landscape examples where nature thrives now and for future generations.

In everything we do, we strive to:
  • Practice and nurture sustainable gardening
  • Lead by example
  • Deliver an interactive and engaging garden experience
  • Provide learning opportunities
  • Promote water conservation awareness and action
  • Inspire broad community support
  • Conserve water
Cypresswood Water Conservation Garden
4107 Evening Trail Dr Spring, TX 77388

Phone: 1-844-SAV-WATR


Hours  Daily: 8am to 7pm